Sex Ludo For Couple In Pakistan

Best Game For sex In Pakistan

24 SEXUAL POSITIONS – roll the two 12-sided

sex dice to decide which 2 positions you’re going to take on first,

then keep rolling to keep the couples games fun going!


Sex Ludo For Couple In Pakistan

Best Game for Sex And fun For Couple In Pakistan

Spice up your love life with the NEW & IMPROVED version of Dalliance’s adult sex dice game (NAUGHTY BUT DICE) incorporating 96 erotic foreplay options and 34 positions for adventurous couples, packaged up beautifully to make the perfect gift.

  • 96 erotic foreplay options
  • 24 positions
  • 10 BONUS positions
  • Explanatory booklet
  • Beautiful packaging


Rules of the Game

Sex Dice

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but in case you need some initial guidance, we set out the rules of the game for you!

Improve and stimulate your relationship intimacy by rolling the 8- and 12-sided dice together to generate up to 96 different naughty but nice foreplay actions for him or her, to spice you up as a couple before throwing the 12-sided dice to decide what this is all leading up to!

Then get adventurous by rolling the two 12-sided dice to decide which 2 of the 24 positions you’re going to take on first – keep rolling to keep the fun going!

Explanatory Booklet

36 page explanatory booklet is also provided – unlike other games for men and women (married or otherwise!) on here – with enlarged images of each position, detailed notes on how best to practice it, with additional tips for getting more pleasure and fun out of each!

Foreplay Dice, Bonus Positions & Stunning Packaging

Sex Dice Action Dice8-sided dice

Stroke, Kiss, Lick, Scratch, Stroke, Sauce & Lick, Ice, Warn Breath

Sex Dice Body Parts Dice12-sided dice

Ears, Neck, Lips, Below Navel, Nipples, Belly, Upper & Lower Buttocks, Inner Thigh, Feet, Toes, XXX!


We’ve also provided you with 10 BONUS POSITIONS at the end of the booklet for those of you looking for more advanced options!

Some of the positions include:

  • The Spider
  • The Butter Churner
  • The Pretzel

And MANY, MANY more!! 


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