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The Magic Wand Original

Product Description

This is the legendary Magic Wand Original, the one that started it all. Back when every phone had a cord and “going viral” meant something COMPLETELY different, women around the world were discovering the mind-blowing pleasure of the Magic Wand.

Cosmopolitan Magazine called it the “little black dress” of massagers, and Time Magazine named it among the top ten “Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.” Even at fifty, the Magic Wand is still turning heads as the most recommended and best-selling massage wand in America!

But what makes this wand so magical is no big secret: power. Its six-foot cord plugs into the wall for continuous use and an OMG-worthy 6,000 RPM top speed. It features a soft, vinyl head for external stimulation, an intuitive control that lets you select high or low power.


The Original Magic Wand Massager, HV-260 relaxes sore muscles and helps relieve tension

Features & details

  • Physical therapists choice for over 20 years
  • Relieves pressure and loosens tense muscles, increases blood flow, and helps relieve back pain
  • Use to massage athletes to prevent injury and speed recovery by easing inflammation
  • Personal massager for woman to help maintain intimate health and well-being
  • 12″ long with a 2.25″ head diameter


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