• Dotted & Ribbed Condom
• Reusable condom For Men
• Fits Universal Size
• Crystal condom is ribbed and Dotted in structure for extra pleasure.
• This is REUSABLE and ULTRA SOFT in touch feel



Dots for Extra Pleasure. • Waterproof. • Increases intercourse time. •

Easily Fits any size. • Type : Assorted.

• Smooth simulation patterns, top glans solid design built-in vibration,

the effective growth of 2-3cm.

Can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of women,

so that women get more pleasure, make the couple happy.

It on female wall and cervix produce the greatest degree of friction,

so that women climaxes.

• Reusable & Washable Condom for Men can be used many

times with dots for extra pleasure.

• Just roll this condom like regular condom and unroll. •

You can also use Lube for the ease of wearing this condom.

• The outer convex soft spines stimulate the female, resulting in a strong stimulus,

so that it constantly orgasm, pleasure rolling. Will bring great pleasure to women




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